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    One of the biggest weather events to hit the Washington DC metro area in history is expected in just a few hours. Are you prepared?

    Here are our Top 10 Tips to prepare your home and family for the Blizzard of 2016:
    Your Home:
    • Disconnect all attached hoses and drain water from outdoor pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads to prevent pipe bursts.
    • Ensure rain/snow drains away from the house to avoid foundation problems. Downspouts should be at least 5 feet away from the house to avoid flooding and water damage from snowmelt.
    • Be sure to have an ample supply of ice melt or sand on hand for steps, walkways, and driveways.
    • Check downspouts/gutters for proper fastening and re-secure if loose.  The weight of snow and ice can pull gutters off the house.
    • If you will be out of town, leave your heat ON.  This will help prevent pipes from freezing or bursting.
    For Your Family:
    • Have at least a 3 day supply of water and perishable goods on hand for each family member.
    • Purchase some fun board games or movies – you need to be prepared to entertain should the power go out!
    • Be sure you have batteries, flashlights, and a crank radio should you lose power.
    • Charge all your electronic devices – cell phones, tablets, and laptops beforehand.
    • Have cash on hand to pay the neighborhood kids who will stop by to earn a few bucks shoveling snow.

    No need to thank me!

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