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Category: Buyer Tips

    3 Things to Consider During Our Spring Market

    By Christal Johnson | May 25, 2018

      A reporter from U.S. News & World Report recently asked us about what things buyers and sellers should expect from our shifting spring market. Here’s what we told him:   1. Sellers need to be smart about making renovations. Sellers need to understand that it is one thing to price your home correctly, but it is another... Read More

    What Your Timeline Should Look Like When Buying a Home

    By Christal Johnson | March 22, 2018

      When people are preparing to move, they often tell me they want to do so when their lease is over and when their children are out of school for the year. A buyer’s timeline is of critical importance. That’s why when my team and I talk to buyers, there are three things we like... Read More

    Did you know when viewing homes that you could be recorded?

    By Christal Johnson | February 13, 2018

    These days, sellers have the ability to monitor their house while buyers look at it. This means you need to be smart about the way you look at houses. Back when I started selling real estate 16 years ago, home security systems weren’t that sophisticated. Now, people can monitor their home from their phones, which... Read More

    How to Choose the Correct Path in Real Estate

    By Christal Johnson | January 12, 2018

    How can you “get into” the real estate business? There are two common ways. I hear this question at least a few different times per week: “I want to get into real estate. What should I do?” My initial response is to think about the question a little more and then get back to me.... Read More

    Three Ways to Get Your Offer Accepted in Today’s Competitive Market

    By Christal Johnson | November 9, 2017

    How is it possible to get your offer accepted in a competitive market? I’ve got three tips today to help you achieve this.   How is it possible to get your offer accepted in a competitive market? Imagine you’ve been searching for months and have finally found your dream home. Now you want to write... Read More

    Hire an Agent Who Will Keep Negotiating for You

    By Christal Johnson | October 24, 2017

    A good listing agent will keep negotiating for you until you are at the closing table. Here’s how we helped one of our sellers by doing just that.   When you sell your home, it’s very important that you hire an agent who will negotiate all the way through the deal.   We recently sold... Read More

    Why Do I Need a Realtor If I Buy New Construction?

    By Christal Johnson | October 10, 2017

    They don’t want you to hire an agent. So, you should hire an agent.   Some people think that if they’re going to buy a new home, they should do it on their own in order to get the best deal possible. They think that maybe they will save on commission costs or get a... Read More

    Would My House Make a Good Rental Property?

    By Christal Johnson | June 29, 2017

    How can you tell if your home is a good candidate to convert into a rental? Consider these three points. Should you sell your home or rent it out? It’s a question we’ve been discussing recently, and you can see the first part of our discussion here.  The question we’ll address today is how to... Read More

    Why Making a Lowball Offer Could Cost You the Home You Love

    By Christal Johnson | March 30, 2017

    If you make a lowball offer on a home you love, there’s a good chance you’ll lose out on that home to another buyer. Today I want to tell you why. Today I want to talk about the dangers of making a lowball offer. In our industry, a lowball offer is when a buyer makes... Read More

    Buyers: What You Must Know About 2017 (Part 1)

    By Christal Johnson | January 21, 2017

    Buyers, what you must know about 2017. (con.t from the 2016 series) from AJ Team LLC on Vimeo. Today we’re back with our annual real estate predictions for 2017. Interest rates are the big thing to watch because they’ll affect prices, inventory, and the whole market overall. We’ve been predicting what will happen in the... Read More