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Hire an Agent Who Will Keep Negotiating for You

A good listing agent will keep negotiating for you until you are at the closing table. Here’s how we helped one of our sellers by doing just that.
When you sell your home, it’s very important that you hire an agent who will negotiate all the way through the deal.
We recently sold a property that was on the market for about 20 days before an offer came in. We went back and forth and got to the point where we were about to accept the offer when another one came on the table.
This second offer wasn’t necessarily as high as the one we already accepted, but we wanted to make sure that we continued to pay attention to it.
So, we almost got to the end of negotiations with the original buyer when they suddenly got flaky. This buyer ultimately bailed on the transaction for whatever reason.
An experienced listing agent is taught to negotiate through the deal. My communication with the new offer was consistent and crystal clear. I continued to call them and treat them like they were the bee’s knees so they felt like their offer was the only offer.
Had I not done that, our seller would have had to go back on the market and we would have had to find someone else to buy the house.

“My communication with the second buyer got the seller more money in the end.”

Not only that, the second offer ended up netting the seller more than the original offer because I continued to negotiate with them.
When you hire someone to sell your property, these are the small things that an experienced listing agent should be doing. Selling is more than pricing, staging, and painting, although those things are important. Ultimately, you need someone who understands how to negotiate and will put you in a position where you can win.
If you are thinking of selling your home or if you have any other questions, just give us a call or send us an email. After all, you have the dream; we have the address. We look forward to hearing from you!

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