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How We’re Assisting Mount Vernon Woods Elementary

I’m happy to be joined today by Dr. Simpkins from Mount Vernon Woods Elementary to talk about our successful initiative to provide school supplies to the students of the school.

What most people don’t know about Mount Vernon Woods is that they have 701 fabulous students who need an opportunity, commitment, dedication, commitment, and someone to tell them that they’re supported and making great choices every day. Most importantly, they need somebody who is going to be there for them. They have a lot of kids with a lot of needs, and Mount Vernon Woods doesn’t quite have enough people to tap into each those needs.

People might refer to the kids at Mount Vernon Woods as the “bad kids” or that we’re in the ‘hood’, but it’s just not like that, Dr. Simpkins says. These kids just need direction.

We’ll be working with Dr. Simpkins and Mount Vernon Woods over the coming months on a long-term basis to help establish some programs. One thing that I really love when I come to the school is the spirit of the people here, because it really seems to rub off on everyone.

If you get a chance to come visit, you should really take the opportunity. Remember, every school in Fairfax County is not the same.

Our motto is, “You have the dream, we have the address.” Mount Vernon also has a great motto we want you to remember:

“Pride. Perseverance. Positivity.”

For more info or to set up a visit, or to find out how you can help, give me call or send me an email. I hope to hear from you soon!

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